Healthy Clean Cookie…SAY WHAT??

I know you are probably thinking I have completely lost my mind…there is no way there is a cookie that is healthy, clean, and doesn’t taste like cardboard…but there is!!  I have found the perfect no bake chocolate protein peanut butter cookie!

When I say it is clean I do not mean I washed the ingredients before using them.  My husband and I try and eat as clean as possible meaning we try and keep processed foods out of our home.  We do have our cheats and do allow our children to be kids and have all the yummy fun things as well…but the girls have no idea that these cookies are actually good for them!  Mommy has her secrets too.

I am not saying these cookies are for you to go crazy with and eat the whole batch, these babies are very rich and do have calories!!  So don’t go eating the whole thing on me.  They are however a much better option for your sweet tooth and work quite well as they are very rich in flavor!

OK, enough of that and lets get to making these amazing little things….


1 cup natural peanut butter- ingredients should be peanuts and a little salt (or any nut butter you prefer)

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 cup quick cooking oats (I had old fashioned so I put the cup in my nutribullet and pulsed a couple times)

1/2 cup honey

a little stevia for a sweeter cookie…I have done it with and without and it is amazing either way!

Mix all the ingredients and spoon out about a tablespoon size ball on to wax paper.  Flatten a little and refrigerate for about an hour and enjoy!!

Healthy No Bake Cookies

Don’t they look AMAZING!!




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Welcome & Hello!

First off my name is Carole and I am a stay at home momma to 3 beautiful little girls and a fur baby Yorkie!  We have a very hectic and crazy life, but also a fun and super loud life!  I decided to start writing a blog for a few reasons.  I wanted to share our day to day activities, show all of us mommies some support and that although we try and be perfect….we just aren’t!  I feel like moms get judged so much and the sad thing is it is mostly by other mothers..WHY??  We need to stick together and support each other through these early years of motherhood.  There is nothing I hate more than hearing mothers put other mothers down, we are all trying our best and we need the support!!

Ok, off my soapbox….another reason I wanted to start blogging was to have something my girls can look back on and see how much fun we had as a family of 5.  I will be posting some of our favorite recipes, healthy recipes, fashion tips (I use to run my own boutique, but stopped after getting pregnant with my 3rd girl), DIY projects, and some inspirational songs and posts that have helped me through my darkest of moments as a mother.

Now to meet my family:

Kids Fashion   First is my oldest girl Finley.  She is 7 going on 20 and has all the sass to prove it.  She is more of my tomboy as she doesn’t like to get her makeup done and nails painted…all that fun girly stuff.  She loves to play softball, read and play with her friends.  She is obsessed with boys (her poor father) and is very sarcastic and funny.  She loves being the oldest child and plays her part well.

Kids Fashion  Next up is my little firecracker Pippa (as you can see in the picture in which she posed herself).  She is 4 and is everything her big sister isn’t!  She loves makeup, as she wants a “full face” done everyday, she loves getting her nails painted and will sit forever if I am playing with her hair.  She wears at least 3-4 outfits a day and loves dressing up.  She is into dance and loves to jump on the trampoline. She is obsessed with coloring and all things art. She is a handful, but she is mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

IMG_5493  Next is my little Grey.  She is such a little doll and was a welcomed surprise to our family.  Her daddy really wanted a little boy, but God knew best and I am so happy I got another little girl.  She is 6 months old and full of sugar and spice.  She loves her big sisters and is starting to notice a little fur ball running around the house as well. I can’t wait to see her grow and blossom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Husband



Finally we get to the man behind the scenes of it all.  Greg and I met 10 years ago at a bar in Indianapolis.  He has been my rock through many ups and downs and always knows how to handle all the ladies in his life.  He is the calm to our storm and we wouldn’t know what to do without him.


Yorkie How could I forget Griswold?  Our little yorkie is 3 years old and is about the sweetest little guy you could meet.  He loves chasing the girls around the house and loves to bite daddy!  He is not a fan of cuddling, but tolerates being babied every once in a while.  He refuses to let me dress him, and will go crazy if I attempt to!



I hope you all love following along with us and please feel free to comment or reach out to me! I love to hear from everyone!!




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