OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I am so happy to be getting back to this blog and back to all of you!  It has been such a crazy few months and I feel like I am finally able to cope with it all.

My Younique business is really starting to take off as I have been spending most of my extra time on launching that and giving it all that I have!  I have found a new passion and happiness while building this business and am loving every second of it!


The kids finally went back to school after a 2 week break and this momma was doing a very very happy dance this morning!!  My kids are a lot like alcohol…it is great in small doses, but too much of it can make you go bat sh** crazy!!  OKAY?!?!


We had a wonderful Christmas and it was so fun to see Grey really get into the whole Santa and elf on a shelf thing.  She would wake up every morning and ask where Sally (our elf) was.  Greg spoiled me big time this year and bought me a GORGEOUS vanity mirror for my makeup tutorials!!  I am so lucky to have a husband that supports my dreams!




I feel like I have so much to catch up on with all of you and could literally write a book about what has been happening…but I will spare you all the details and just slowly get you caught up with up coming posts!!

true love




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