Hey hey ladies!!  I am back after a horrible week of everyone in this house being sick..myself included!  I am feeling a little better, but still have a pretty awesome cold going on.  I HATE being sick!!  Who has time for it?

So I have been really spreading myself a little thin lately and my blog has suffered because of it.  I just haven’t had time to sit down and write.  However today I am so excited to tell you about a new adventure I decided to take on.  I AM IN NO WAY trying to sell to you guys!!  I don’t want this blog to become a place I constantly talk about this journey, however this blog is about me and my life and this is a part of it now.  So I will only mention it every once in a while and only when I get really excited about something!

So what is it??


I have decided to start selling Younique makeup!  Again…before you tune out…I am NOT selling it here!!  I will just tell you about my journey and some things that happen with it!  I will also be showing off some of my makeup looks and getting your opinions on it cuz I know there are so many of you who are awesome at makeup!!

So why did I decide?


I wanted to start selling it just for fun!  I love makeup and I love social media, so I thought I would put both of them together and earn some free makeup while doing it!  I am so happy I did, as I have really found something I am passionate about and enjoy doing.  I also love what the company supports and stands for.  For every purchase made with Younique, a portion of it goes to helping women and children who have been abused!  I LOVE being able to empower women while also teaching women how to feel more confident!  If you have any questions for me, or don’t know what Younique is..feel free to ask me anything!  I will not push anything, just answer questions!!


Love you all and I am so excited!!



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2 Comments on New Adventures!

    • Thank you Melanie! I love bold lips! I am a stay at home mom and I literally wear a bold lip almost everyday for no reason! LOL!!
      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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