Month: October 2016

Fashion Friday – Lauren Conrad

It has been a hot minute since I have done a fashion look for you all!  I am so excited about this one because this is the first time I have actually worn this skirt and top!!

fashion friday

I had my eye on this skirt all last year, but I didn’t have the $70 to spend on it.  Fast forward to January on this year and it was on clearance at Kohls for only $10!!!  I grabbed one in this color and a gorgeous green one that I still haven’t worn either.  I am in love with all of Lauren Conrad’s line, and the top is also hers!!

lauren conrad

It got cold here in Indiana pretty quickly so I added some Vera Wang tights to bring it all together!!  These boots are my go to this fall and I love wearing them with EVERYTHING!!!

fashion blogger

Of course my little Pippa had to get in on the fun and pose with me!!  She is my little mini me!!

fashion friday

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

What is your favorite designer to wear??



I feel like contentment is a word that is never fully understood in our society.  If I could only have that promotion…I would be so much happier, if I could just get that new phone…I would be so much happier, if I could just loose some of the weight…I would be so much happier, if I could just have what that other person has…THEN I would be happy!!

Have you ever caught yourself thinking those things?  Of course…we are human and we are born with the desire for more and better.  I have personally been struggling so much with my own contentment lately and finding myself jealous of other women who seem to have it all.

I recently started selling Younique and as wonderful as it has been…it has really been giving me a huge complex as well.  I find myself comparing my journey to others and instead of being truly happy for them.  I find myself jealous of their accomplishments.  I start asking “God why can’t you bless me like that?”  “Why does everything seem to come so easily to her?”  “Why is she so lucky and I am not?”  Then that starts to carry over to other aspects of my life and I find myself in this black hole that just keeps getting deeper.

5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, becasue God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”
Hebrew 13:5

As I have been praying about this lately..God helped me at church this past weekend like only He can!  I had no idea what the service was going to be about and low and behold it was about…CONTENTMENT!!  The one thing that struck me most about this service was contentment isn’t found in things and objects.  True contentment is found in my Savior. He wants us to be content in what he has blessed us with.  So today I came home and decided to flip the script and thank Him for everything in my life.  I thanked him for our house and food because with those 2 items I am richer than 93% of the worlds population!!  I thanked Him for the health of my children as there are many parents dealing with their children fighting cancer and other issues.  I thanked Him for sending me such an amazing man of God that loves us and takes care of us in every way possible.  I thanked him for sending me opportunities to make money while still being home with my kids (even if I am not doing it as well as others).

I will continue to try and be thankful everyday for the things I have.  Will I still struggle with jealousy…absolutely…I am only human. Will I still find myself asking for things I really don’t need…yep…again…only human!  Life is about learning and growing.

So the biggest thing I got from church is contentment is not things…those are just band aids.  In order to be truly content we have to be thankful with whatever God gives us and know that He has a plan.  We may not understand it or like it…but it is His and it is right.



Guess Who’s Back…Back Again..

I am so excited to be getting back to my blog!!  It has been such a crazy couple months and trying to adjust to so much happening has been crazy.  However, I think we are finally at a place where I can start giving the blog more of my time.

fun hair

Our little family has been having some fun this month.  The girls are on Fall break right now and having the time of their lives.  They got spoiled like crazy at their Grandma Linda’s house for a few days, celebrated their Great Grandfather’s birthday, then came home and got to go camping with my mom.  These girls love to be on the go and get bored so easily…so this is great for them!!

fun times



Greg and I have had some nice quiet evenings and some quality time together with the two oldest girls being gone.  We completely forgot how easy it is only having 1 kid around!!  We have also had so much fun just being able to play with Grey and really giving her some quality alone time that she NEVER gets with her sisters around.  Sometimes I feel like I never give each of my girls their own quality time.  It is a struggle I am sure I will always have!


cute kids

The most exciting thing that has happened is getting my new iPhone 7!!  I went from 16GB to 256GB and I am taking full advantage of it!!  I am obsessed with taking photos and now I don’t have to delete them every day!!

I hope you all have a great day, and thanks for standing by and being so supportive of my little break!!