Month: September 2016

Why Is My Toddler So Angry?

cry baby

Being already 3 deep in this whole kid situation I have some experience with the dreaded toddler stage.  Why are these little monsters so angry all the time?  Why do they literally go from laughing to screaming in seconds?  What could they possibly want from me that I haven’t already offered them?  When are they going to just be content?  These are questions I ask myself on a daily basis while dealing with Grey.  This little girl literally baffles me most days.

cry baby

So this got me to thinking…why is she so angry?  The last few days I have been observing her and seeing what triggers her to get so angry.  I came up with a few reasons why she and other toddlers are angry all the time!

  1. They fall constantly!  I don’t know about you, but if I fell 90% of the time I walked…I would be pissed to!  That has to be so annoying to be happily going to a certain destination and then…BAM…you are on the floor.  Can you imagine?
  2. Everyone is telling them to take a nap.  Maybe they just want to scream, or throw the bowl of cereal across the kitchen.  Maybe they just want to scream NO at you all day for fun.  This in NO WAY means they need a nap.  If someone told me to always be taking a nap….well I would probably love them and oblige!
  3. Nobody has a clue what they are saying!  I can’t even begin to imagine how annoying this would be!  Can you imagine carrying on a 10 minute conversation with someone and all they do is sit there and either mimic you or say “uh huh”, “oh sure”, “no way”, or “tell me all about it.”  They totally know we don’t know what they are saying and it is frustrating!
    baby girl
  4. Clothes should not be mandatory!  These little creatures hate being held down by anything and clothes count!  They HATE having anything slowing them down or touching them!  This usually makes them very angry!
  5. You never get it right!  Moms are never getting their drinks in the right color cup, or give them the correct color fork with the corresponding plate.  They don’t understand how we couldn’t know that nothing on their plate should touch, but that rule only applies to Monday and Tuesday…on Wednesday the food can touch, but has to be certain colors…then on Thursday we can mix all the food together and it doesn’t matter!  I don’t understand why us mothers can’t keep all these rules straight!! (insert eye roll)
  6. They crap their pants!  I don’t know what would make me more mad than walking around with poop in my pants.  I get it…I totally get it!
  7. We don’t take them serious.  We should know that they don’t need our help or advice while doing things.  We should know that when they freak out over trying to put their pants on…they don’t want our help, they just want to freak out over it!  Leave them alone and let them figure it out!
  8. We are always taking away their fun!  They want to stick their little finger in the light socket.  They want to grab the dog by the ears and get bit.  They don’t want to hold your hand so they won’t fall down.  They want to pull the entire shelf over on top of them…THAT IS FUN!!  So we need to stop taking away their fun!!
  9. They have only known you for a couple years.  I don’t know about you…but I don’t always trust people I have only known for a short while.  It takes time to build that trust and they don’t trust you!!
  10. Tantrums are awesome!  Don’t take their tantrums away from them.  They are great stress relievers for these little dictators and they need them!!

As you can see…there is a lot we can learn from our sweet little monsters!  I understand Grey so much more after observing what was making her so angry the last few days.  Unfortunately for her…she will continue to be an angry little person because mommy will make her take a nap, not let her lick batteries, make her wear clothes, and never understand what she is saying!  However…it is still fun trying!



New Adventures!

Hey hey ladies!!  I am back after a horrible week of everyone in this house being sick..myself included!  I am feeling a little better, but still have a pretty awesome cold going on.  I HATE being sick!!  Who has time for it?

So I have been really spreading myself a little thin lately and my blog has suffered because of it.  I just haven’t had time to sit down and write.  However today I am so excited to tell you about a new adventure I decided to take on.  I AM IN NO WAY trying to sell to you guys!!  I don’t want this blog to become a place I constantly talk about this journey, however this blog is about me and my life and this is a part of it now.  So I will only mention it every once in a while and only when I get really excited about something!

So what is it??


I have decided to start selling Younique makeup!  Again…before you tune out…I am NOT selling it here!!  I will just tell you about my journey and some things that happen with it!  I will also be showing off some of my makeup looks and getting your opinions on it cuz I know there are so many of you who are awesome at makeup!!

So why did I decide?


I wanted to start selling it just for fun!  I love makeup and I love social media, so I thought I would put both of them together and earn some free makeup while doing it!  I am so happy I did, as I have really found something I am passionate about and enjoy doing.  I also love what the company supports and stands for.  For every purchase made with Younique, a portion of it goes to helping women and children who have been abused!  I LOVE being able to empower women while also teaching women how to feel more confident!  If you have any questions for me, or don’t know what Younique is..feel free to ask me anything!  I will not push anything, just answer questions!!


Love you all and I am so excited!!



“That Mom”

I hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend!!  My little family ended up spending it at home and getting some projects done around the house.  We had a cookout with some family and friends and just enjoyed a pretty relaxing weekend.

With the way life has been lately I haven’t had much time to blog and I am so sorry about that!  I love blogging and when I don’t have the time to just let my thoughts out…it just starts to build.  One thing that has really been bothering me lately is the way I am “that mom.”  You all know the one…the mom we all see depicted on the sitcoms that yell constantly, never seem to have it together, and just go crazy.  I have become her and I HATE it!!

Pippa told me tonight how horrible I am as a mommy and that she only wants her daddy.  Also, while the girls were playing in the basement today I heard Finley say “No Pippa, the mom died and the daddy is getting a job in Texas.”  UGH….I hate that I took it so personally, but it hurt.  I feel like I get the bad rap all the time because I am always the one doing the discipline or saying NO!!  When daddy gets home he is the fun one and the one that says yes all the time.  In their eyes he is the one that is their night in shining armor, he is the one who works so hard for them and gets them everything.  I am just the lunatic mother who is always yelling and making them clean.

I am sure all mothers feel this way, but lately it has really been bothering me more.  Tonight was a rough one and hopefully this week will get better.

Who else feels this?  I need some backup mommas!!!!