Month: July 2016

Then…Just Like That

This week is going to be a little rough for this momma.  My fierce, independent, loving, crazy and funny middle child starts kindergarten.  Although I am so happy she is beyond ready to go and more than excited, a part of me is hurting.  I don’t know how I am suppose to let her walk away from me and be in complete care of a woman I have just met.  Don’t get me wrong, her teacher seems super sweet and amazing, but she doesn’t know MY Pippa yet. She doesn’t know that she can be shy at first, but will warm up and be your best friend.  She doesn’t know that she comes across as tough, but is actually really sensitive.  She doesn’t know that she loves hugs even though she may seem like she doesn’t.  She won’t know to ignore Pippa if she seems embarrassed and to not call attention to it.  She doesn’t know these things yet, but I know she will…because my Pippa is something special.


kitchen helper

Pippa has always been my little buddy and my sidekick.  She was with me through this time 2 years ago when Finley started kindergarten and knew exactly what to do to distract me from my emotions.  I have a completely different relationship with my two older girls and Pippa has always understood me better than Finley.  She is more in tune with me and knows when I need a hug, or a kiss, or to be left alone.  I am going to miss her so much during the day.  My days will be less exciting and less entertaining, but I know she is going to kill it at school.  Anywhere Pippa goes she leaves her mark and I have no doubt kindergarten will be the same.  She will spread her wings so far that nothing will hold her down.  I am excited to see how Pippa develops and to see where life is going to take her!

little diva


I love seeing my kids grow and develop, but some days it can be so hard to know they are growing up and getting older.  I now have a second grader and a kindergartner.  It will just be Grey and I at home during the day…and although I will enjoy the break, I will miss and worry about my little Pippa.


Power Struggle With God

I have had a really bad few weeks.  As you have probably noticed I haven’t really posted much because I have been struggling with a lot.  Some of the things I might talk about eventually, but I am afraid to open that now.

I always know in the back of my head that God is in control, however there are so many times I feel like I know better!  I pray so hard for something and then when it doesn’t happen I get angry and confused.  It never fails that somewhere down the road I understand why He lovingly told me no…and yet I still let this cycle happen.

I have been seeking God so much lately with my struggles with depression and anxiety.  I have had a rough summer with the girls and I cry out to Him for help and answers.  I feel like I am constantly failing as a mother and I am forever letting my girls down.  I am not the mother I want them to have and I pray for answers, patience, understanding, compassion, faith, grace, mercy, and everything else.  However I feel like He doesn’t hear me.

I came to my wits end this past weekend and spent most of the weekend crying and feeling like running away.  I just wanted to walk away from it all and quit.  I was done trying to get my girls to stop fighting, I was done trying to get them to respect me, I was over the baby constantly crying, I was sick of my husband constantly working long days and being stressed to the max when he got home.  I wanted to quit…..

Then I heard this song by Lauren Daigle and I heard my Savior tell me that He hears me, He loves me, and He cares. The first lines of this song just stopped me in my tracks Monday morning and I lost it.  I knew He was answering my prayers and I finally felt peace during this storm and I gave it all to Him.  Greg and I are trying to make some tough decisions and I feel at peace just giving it to God and letting Him lead us to where He wants us.

Letting go of every single dream.  I lay each one down at your feet. Every moment of my wandering, never changes what You see. I tried to win this war I confess.  My hands are weary, I need Your rest.

What a truly amazing God I serve and I am so thankful that He loves me more than I deserve.

If you are struggling with something right now, I strongly encourage you to take 4 minutes and listen to this beautiful song!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!



Stressed Mommy Review

So as a mom to 3 little girls we are always looking for some fun things to do together.  We love doing makeup, facials, nails, and dressing up.  It is something that the girls have started to really enjoy and even started their YouTube channel to showcase it!  So when Stressed Mommy reached out to me to try some of their products and I found out they were safe for the girls as well….I was SO EXCITED!!

This company has the cutest name first of all…cuz we are all stressed mommies!  They also have great customer service and are extremely great to work with.  I got to pick out a few items and you have to try their masks!   The Cool It Charcoal Mask was so amazing and the girls loved trying it out as well and thought it was so fun to put on their faces!  The masks are all natural and comes in a powder form. So all you have to do is mix it with some water and you have an amazing exfoliating facial in no time!  I loved how cool it felt on my skin and with my oily skin it helped dry it up a bit and made my face feel so smooth!

facial mask

I also received some of the lip scrubs and the strawberry one was to die for!  It smelled so good, was all natural, tasted pretty good and made my lips so soft and smooth afterwards.  It comes in a lot of great flavors such as cake batter, chocolate, coffee, pink champagne and toffee!  Pippa always has dry chapped lips and the scrubs have been wonderful for her.  She loves the taste and always talks about how smooth her lips are after she uses it!

strawberry lip scrub

By far my favorite item I tried was the body butter!!  The Coconut Milk Body Butter is AMAZING!!!!  I am kind of a crazy person when it comes to lotion.  I am obsessed with lotions and I have tried hundreds…this one is seriously top 5 on my list and that is contending with some designer lotions!!  This body butter is no joke and it will change your life!  I love using it when I get out of the shower and am still a little damp and it just locks in the moisture!  It seriously lasts all day and it smells so good!  I really can’t say enough about this product.  If you don’t try anything else…you need to give the body butter a try!


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