Month: May 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

What a crazy busy but fun weekend we had here in our house!  I don’t know if this is true in your houses, but in ours we are either bored out of our minds with nothing to do…or have about 5,000 things to do in one weekend.  There is NO in between!!

So first I want to say that we did talk about the meaning of Memorial Weekend with our children.  I think it is so important they know what it is all about and why we have a memorial day.

After that was explained..the first thing we did was hit our local splash pad for some hot summer fun.  Grey was only a few weeks old last year at this time, so she didn’t get to enjoy the splash pad.  This year however…she had a BLAST!  She loved trying to grab the water and also splashing her sisters.

splash pad

memorial day

On Sunday we headed to my Aunt and Uncles house and had some fun on the lake.  My cousin who lives in Kentucky came up with her family and it was so special to spend time with family we don’t see often.  The girls love boat rides, and had so much fun swimming in the lake even though it was FREEZING!!  I really don’t know how kids do that?!?

boat ride

memorial weekend

baby swimming

lake life

We wrapped up our weekend with a pool day at my dad’s house and enjoyed swimming and a cookout.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

pool party

pool day

I hope you all had a great weekend and also took some time to reflect and appreciate those who gave their lives protecting us!


Fashion Friday – Pin Up Style

So if you all follow me on social media then you already know a little bit about what I have been up to lately.  So as promised I am letting you all in on a new fun group I am in and what we do to raise awareness.

I have NEVER done a photo shoot before and had no idea what to expect from it.  I have never felt very confident in my pictures and ALWAYS find something that I don’t like.  However after shooting with Michelle…I am now addicted!  It was so much fun and even my little Pippa had fun helping mommy during it.  Here are some amazing photos by Best Moments Photography!

miss lilly pearl


There are few people who come into your life that you just instantly connect with.  The kind of person you meet and feel like you have known them forever.  Lucky for me….this happened about a week ago.  I originally connected with Michelle over a mommy and me photo shoot she was going to do and I thought it sounded like fun, but after talking to her over Facebook one day I realized we had a lot more in common than just being moms.

pin up model


As most of you know by now I LOVE anything vintage and retro, so when I noticed that she took pin up photos of ladies in a group called Sassy Silhouette Pin Up Girls (click link to check them out on Facebook)…I HAD TO GET IN ON IT!!!  You see Michelle just isn’t your everyday run of the mill photographer…she is nationally published in magazines all over the place!  She has been published in The Pink Elephant, Sass and Class, Lipstick and Lashes…and many many more!  She is one of a kind and incredibly talented at what she does.  She not only excels at Pin Up shoots, but basically any kind of shoot you want!  If you live in the Indy area and surrounding counties..then you NEED to contact her at Best Moments Photography!!  You will not be disappointed, and you will have a blast! You can find her on her Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and her website.

pin up

pin up model

Her heart is as big as her personality and she is the founder of Sassy Silhouette Pin Up Girls or better known as “The Sassies”. So what are The Sassies all about?  “We seek to provide assistance to our nation’s active soldiers, veterans and their families, as well as supporting efforts to rescue our animals that have served our country.  We believe that ALL women are beautiful and can be a pin up girl.  We hold and lift each other up, and are women with a desire to make a positive difference in the world while making sure every person sees the true beauty within themselves!”  This is a newer group and as we are just getting started we want to focus on item donation drives, and the selling of our fun Pin up Calendar!!  We will also be starting a bi-annual magazine full of positive stories about our military and their families, and of course…beautiful women!  One of the fun things we do are meet & greets at local car shows and taking photos with our fans. We strive to bring a POSITIVE light on these men and women who serve and protect us on a daily basis.

I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing group of women, and can’t wait to see where the wind will take us!

Outfit Details:  Black and white polka dot dress c/o Shabby Apple similar HERE
Red pencil skirt c/o PipLey Boutique
Red heels from Shoe Dazzle

I hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe!!





A Letter To My Daughter’s Teacher

Dear First Grade Teacher,

I can’t believe the year is already over with.  I have been dreading this day for a long time as my sweet Finley will no longer be in your class. You see, I prayed so hard that she would make an easy transition to her new elementary school and have a teacher that would show her love, support, and kindness.  I knew the first night when I met you and you gave her a big hug that you were the answer to my prayers.

best teacher

You are one of a kind and the kind of teacher that doesn’t come along everyday.  You have so much compassion for what you do, and so much love for the kids.  You could have chosen to do anything in your life and you chose to be a teacher.  You chose to be a strong figure in my child’s life, you chose to lead her and guide her, and you chose to work with her and build her confidence like no one has ever been able to do.  You chose to come in on days when you were sick or overwhelmed because you know your kids need you.  For the last 10 months you have chosen to love Finley, and mold her into a smarter and well rounded little girl who is more confident about 2nd grade then she was about 1st.

first grade class

I will NEVER forget the day you called me in the middle of the day to celebrate an accomplishment that Finley had made that day so that we could celebrate together.  NO TEACHER HAS EVER DONE THAT!!  You were able to figure out what motivates Finley and what makes sense to her so that you could better help her understand.  I am sure there were many days where Finley stumped you, upset you, annoyed you…but you chose to keep loving her and guiding her in spite of it.  When I was at my wits end with her, you called me in and we sat down and talked about it.  You helped me to teach her better and it worked.  She became more confident in her homework and started enjoying it more.

Every time I would come into the class to volunteer you could tell how much those kids just love you and cherish you.  There little eyes just light up when you joke with them, or walk around and hug on them.  How the girls just love it when you run your fingers through their hair and tell them how silly they are. You are the perfect mix of firm and fun.  You can tell that all they want to do is please you because they love you so much.  It takes a special woman to take 19-20 random kids from all different backgrounds and build a family, but you did it.

first grade costume

So thank you!!  Thank you for giving everything you had and then some this year to make Finley better.  You will forever be a part of our lives and a person we truly cherish.  You are one of the greats, and I hope you realize that you are truly blessed and gifted.