Month: April 2016

Mom Bullies

Being a mom is rough, it is hard, it can be tiresome, it is chaotic, it is quick decisions, and it is all consuming.  That is no secret to any woman who is or was a mother.  However modern day mothers have another fight that previous generations never faced…and that is social media.

As adults we constantly teach our kids about bullying and what not to do to other children.  We try to teach them acceptance and that if you don’t have anything nice to say…then don’t say it.  Kids have workshops at school on how to deal with bullies and what to do if they are being bullied…but what we are missing is that these children are learning it from somewhere.

With everything moms already have to endure and figure out, now we have to figure out how to not be judged and bullied through so called “support groups” on Facebook, or mom pages on Instagram, and certain mom groups on Twitter.  Where is the anti-bullying campaign for new mothers who join these so called support groups thinking they will learn from seasoned mothers, and instead all they get is backlash for not breastfeeding, or yelled at for not co-sleeping.  How about those new moms who post about their rough day looking for support, or a little pick me up and another mom belittles her because she should be able to handle 1 child…after all this other mother has 4 children and made it through the day.  There is this whole new forum for mothers to bully other mothers without having to confront them.  They can just sit behind a computer screen and type away how they feel without seeing the effects it has on the person they are targeting.


What could these mom bullies possibly get from bullying other mothers?  My poor niece was a recent victim of a mom bully and it infuriates me.  This young lady actually took a screen shot of my nieces post and posted it in a Facebook group just to belittle and make fun of my niece…and for what??  My niece was doing nothing wrong and just because this other mother wouldn’t have done it the same way…she decides to post it and make fun of her?? Why not personally message her and talk about what is bothering her?  Why do bullies feel the need to drag everyone else into the mix as well?


Who gives a sh** if you feed your kids only organic, or if your kids eat chicken nuggets.  Who really cares if your kid sleeps in your bed or their bed.  My kids were bottle fed and just as intelligent as their cousins who weren’t.  My point is that each mother knows what is best for THEIR children and should never be bullied for a difference of opinion.  We need to take a card from our husbands and be more like them on this!  How many times have you seen a dad make fun of or bully another dad??  I NEVER have!!  Dads know how to stick together and help each other out, so why can’t mothers?  Why is it always a competition?


What an amazing thing it would be if these so called support groups were actually supportive and uplifting.  Maybe we would have less stigmas on postpartum depression or being a mother with anxiety.  Maybe new mothers could learn something instead of thinking all seasoned moms are stuck up and judgmental.  We could empower other mothers and… *wait for it*… LEARN from other mothers!!  No mother is perfect.  We have all lost are shit on our kids at least once or a thousand times, but who cares.  That is the joy of parenting and we need to have the bully mothers not pretend that they haven’t.  We all know you have!!!


Please think about what you post or comment with on social media.  Use your words and knowledge to uplift and encourage other mothers.  Don’t post a comment if it is meant to judge, belittle, condemn, or make fun of.  If a post upsets you but doesn’t effect you…just scroll past it.  If it does effect you, then be an adult and privately message the other woman and work it out that way!  We are all in this thing called motherhood together and we need all the support we can get!

Have you been a victim of social media?  If so, how did you handle it?





Puppy Week

It is finally here!!!

We finally got our sweet little baby boy Coors .  We have been waiting 6 long weeks and he is finally home with us.  The girls were so excited to finally pick him up and I was excited to get the new puppy stage over with.

puppy doberman

We picked him up on Thursday and so far he is a very laid back chill puppy.  He LOVES to sleep, loves to run and chase the girls, and he chews EVERYTHING!!  He is a really good boy and seems to be getting the hang of potty training.  The only difficult thing is his excessive whining/howling all night long in his cage.  Greg does not like animals in the bed so as much as I want to just throw him in bed with us…Greg says NO!!!!


blue pitbull

We are having so much fun with him and he is such a sweet little guy.  As you can see from the pictures he is completely spoiled.  The girls NEVER put him down and carry him everywhere!!  I think he is the perfect addition to our crazy hectic life and we all love him so much already.


pitbull mix

I hope everyone has a great week, and hopefully I can get some time to start writing more blog posts!!  If you want to keep following along in Coors’ journey with us then follow along on Instagram!



Wedding Weekend

I have been so busy the last week and I apologize for taking a little longer replying to everyone.  I love reading your comments and I try to reply as quickly as I can.



With that said, this past weekend was SOOOOO much fun!  My nephew Devon got married to his beautiful bride Jordyn.  I couldn’t be more excited to welcome this beautiful young lady into our family and call her my niece.  Jordyn asked me to do her makeup for the wedding and I was so excited, but also so nervous.  I had never done makeup on anyone else and to have the first person be a bride on her big day…yeah…no pressure!!


my great nephew Samuel
bridal party
my great niece Kaci

The wedding was held on my sister’s farm and it was seriously so beautiful.  The weekend before was so cold that it actually spitted snow, and then wedding weekend was sunny and almost 80 degrees (welcome to Indiana)!  My sister and Jordyn’s mom Dawn did such an amazing job on the decorations and preparations for the big day.  There were so many cute touches that I tried to capture, but probably missed a lot of it because I was running around like a crazy person trying to help out where I could!

My sister and I
my nephew getting down on the dance floor

My amazing in-laws came to town so Greg and I could go by ourselves and enjoy a kid free evening..and we did just that!  I don’t think we left my sister’s house until around 2:45 that next morning!! LOL  It was an amazing weekend full of family and friends and I wish we could do it every weekend!!  Our family just doesn’t get together as much as I would like!