Month: December 2015

How Do You Teach Thankfullness?

As a mother there are so many things I struggle with and feel like I am failing at, but none more than teaching your child how to be thankful.  I have been through hell and back with my oldest daughter on being thankful for what she has.  She is starting to throw major shade at me for EVERYTHING! Some examples are:

~after making a nice big breakfast for them and making her favorite cinnamon rolls, she comes in and the first thing she says is “why is hers bigger?”  Not a thank you mom, or this looks good mom….NOTHING…

~while opening gifts for Christmas she says “Are clothes all I am gonna get?”  Not thank you for the clothes I saw and said I wanted…or wow these are so cute…

~my favorite is when she says “I am so bored…” So I tell her to go to the basement and play since she has a whole playroom in the basement and she throws a fit.

These are just a few examples, and every time she says these things we talk about all the kids that would have loved to just open 1 gift for Christmas…or those same children who won’t even get to eat breakfast that day.  I just feel like my words go right through and don’t stick.  How as a mother can you teach thankfulness?  I have no answers for this and am sick of all the research on it. I have taken things away, and sure it helps for a day or two…but then right back to square one.

I have prayed so hard about needing the wisdom to raise these girls in the right path and teach them morals…but it is so hard when they constantly have everything at their fingertips. Children now a days have such an entitlement attitude, and it is so hard to balance rewarding them with gifts and giving them to much. As a mom, I want to give them everything I didn’t have, but teach them how blessed they truly are.  This is something I feel like I am failing at.

Any advice I would love to hear in the comments!!




2015 Was Amazing!

With 2015 coming to a close in a few days I wanted to look back and see all the things I am thankful for that happened this year!  So many things happened this year within our little family and I wanted a chance to reminisce on such things..

  1. Our health – I am so fortunate to have healthy little girls and a healthy husband.  It is something I thank God for every single night and do not take for granted.  I see so many families suffering from cancer, or heart problems, physical and mental disabilities and it just breaks my heart.
  2. My husband – There are not enough words I could write to describe all the things this man does for our family and our marriage.  He is a Godly man who works his tail off to provide the girls and I everything we could ever want or need.Greg
  3. Finley – I have so many ups and downs with my little Finley, but this year she really shined in school.  I am so thankful that she loves school and is making huge strides in reading and writing!  I am thankful for her ability to make me question myself on a daily basis.  She is so quick witted and funny.Finley
  4. Pippa – I am so thankful for Pippa’s lessons she teaches me daily.  She is always showing me how to have fun, not take things to seriously and enjoy the day.  She takes everyday and lives it to the fullest and it is something I need to learn how to do better!
  5. Grey – I am so thankful for my sweet Grey and how she has shown me that I can be a good mom.  I had quite a few issues with Finley as a baby (more on that in later posts) that I never felt like a mother, and then with Pippa I felt overwhelmed.  Grey has shown me to relax and enjoy each stage of being a mother and it was such a welcome
  6. My mother – My mom is a lifesaver and someone I CAN NOT live without!  With her loving personality and quiet wisdom there is not a day goes by I don’t need her in some way or another.  She is always there to help with my girls and run one to the doctor while I take another one. She takes on all 3 girls like a seasoned veteran and dives right in and has them in control within seconds!  She will do anything for anyone and has really been there for me through all of my changes this year.
  7. My church – I am so thankful my husband and I have a church that we love.  I love Sundays and how they get me feeling so refreshed and ready to tackle another crazy week.  During the weeks I get so distracted by the little things and forget to look at the big picture and my church always reels me back in.
  8. My family – I don’t get to see my family very often as it is a very large family and we all have our own lives to live.  However when we do get together it is nothing but love and encouragement from everyone.  I love how supportive they are and as we continue to get larger we are still there for each
  9. My home – We moved towards the end of last year into a home I love.  I actually put an offer on the home while my husband was away on business and we got the house before he even got to see it!! He just knew if I was happy that he would be to.  It is so nice having a home large enough to have parties and friends over now!
  10. This blog – Starting this blog has been such a surprise blessing to me.  I really didn’t think anyone would read it (other than my mother) and really started it to get some creative output for myself.  As it turns out I have already met some amazing women from it and continue to meet new people.  I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with others and hearing that it helped them or blessed them in some way.  That to me is the greatest gift!


I hope everyone has had an amazing 2015 and I pray that 2016 is just as great if not better for you!!  Starting in the New Year I will tracking my fitness journey along with the same things I have been doing.  I need some accountability and this would be the best place for it!!

Love you all and have a wonderful New Years Eve and be safe!


Interview With Pippa

My little Pippa is always saying the craziest things and never making sense.  She has many imaginary friends and one heck of an imagination.  So I thought it would be fun to interview her for the blog, plus she is always asking to write a blog post!  LOL

Interview with Pippa – 4 years old


Question 1 – What is your favorite color?
~ “Ummmm…Pink”

Question 2 – If you could be any Disney Princess which on would you be and why?
~ “I would like to be Belle because Belle dances with a beast but then I will run away from him because he is so mean at the beginning but then he changes to a prince and then I won’t run away” LOL

Question 3 – Describe Mommy
~ “Uh…You’re so nice and you are so sweet and you like my dancing even when I am crazy…uh…that’s it”

Question 4 – Describe Daddy
~ “He is so sweet when he reads us a book, he will like um…handsitizer in his office and that is why I love him.”

Question 5 – Describe God
~ “He is powerful even He is strong, and that He loves people but not until you are naughty. He loves loves loves when we are really good too.”

Question 6 – What is love?
~ “Loving…I don’t know…loving people. Is this about Caleb? I love love my friends and yeah..that’s it.”  Caleb is her little boyfriend. LOL

Question 7 – What do you want to be when you grow up?
~ “I want to be like a cowgirl, then I can have a horse.”

Question 8 – What is the best part of having an older sister?
~ “That she umm…she sometimes she plays with me even when she is mad that I sing her song..yeah…that’s it…”

Question 9 – Describe Finley
~ “That she does I don’t know…that she is amazing, that she wants to do something else that I want to do.”

Question 10 – If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
~ “Because I want to be a superman, then you get to fly. Then I can save people.”

I could seriously interview her all day…she is so funny!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and I will see you all back for an awesome 2016!